Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I'm attempting this post from my IPhone, so we shall see! We have been here in AZ for a month already & we really like it. It has been in the 80s everyday & we have already visited the pool numerous times. Hot & dry is what it's all about here! I'm dreading this summer filled with 120 tempS & my big belly! Paytyn is adjusting well & loves all the stuff there is to do here. We are in Chandler, which is a suburb of Phoenix. You can drive like 10 minutes and go through Chandler, Tempe, Mesa & Phoenix. Odie has already had two home games & I'm happy to report our Rattlers are 2-0! They head to Tulsa next Monday, so my family are all going. Diva & I will be in Chandler watching. we hope he comes back 3-0, especially since it's Tulsa! We have done a lot of fun stuff since we've been here. Been to a lot of old ghosttowns, ballgames, movies & the famous Ostrich Festival! We've also been to Wildlife Zoo & Aquarium! Looking forward to doing everything AZ has to offer! I am 10 weeks pregnant this week. It's so hard being in AZ and going to the dr in OK! What an expensive challenge this will be! I've been feeling good. A few headaches & lots of exhaustion!!! And I'm showing already! Much faster than with Paytyn! We are doing good here! Missing our families, but enjoying another journey thanks to football!