Sunday, April 11, 2010


We won a big game last night against the Dallas Vigilantes.  That makes the Tulsa Talons 2-0!  Our good friend Shane Stafford is the quarterback for Dallas.  He used to be Odie's quarterback when Odie played in Orlando, so it was SO FUN to see him this weekend!  Fortunately for us/unfortunate for him, we won!  :)

Paytyn w/ the Talons mascot SWOOP!

W/ her noisemakers, which drove me crazy!  :)

#34s biggest fans!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Tulsa Talon Football

                                                                        THE FRONT

      THE BACK

The new Arena Football League has begun!  Odie is playing for the Tulsa Talons on his offseason from the United Football League!  This will be the first year he will be playing year round...his first game was last night @ the BOK Center in Tulsa.  The Talons won & of course, Odie did great!  It is so neat to watch your husband/daddy play in front of thousands of people!  They call him Odie "Superman" Armstrong (that's what the Superman symbol's about) and he is the best fullback in the league!  (I'm not being biased or ANYTHING)!  :)

Every season, no matter what team or what state we are in, Paytyn always dresses the part.  I found a great boutique called Mackie Shae Boutique out of Greenburg, Kansas who is making Paytyns Talons Gear for this season.  She is making three shirts & hairbows for Diva P.  She sent me one early so Paytyn could wear it for the first game of the season.  I highly recommend her and her company.  They did a really great job & Paytyn looked too cute.  The bow actually has Odie's number on it if you look closely.  I can't wait to get the rest in this week!