Friday, May 6, 2011

Happy Mothers Day

My grandma Humble & my mother 

My grandma Sinor 

My beautiful daughter, Paytyn.

Odies mom Doris

Happy Mother's Day everyone! I included pictures of the mothers in my life. I am so blessed to have these women in my life & have them be a big part of my daughters life. Thank you to these women for being role models & for teaching the young women in their lives to be respected & giving & to be the best mothers we can be. GOD has blessed me beyond belief. 

I also included a picture of my daughter. 
Paytyn, being your mother has been the greatest joy of my life. I watch you & know that I am raising an intelligent, caring, sharing & most importantly loving little girl. You are my baby & I don't know what I have done for GOD to bless my life with you, but I thank him everynight & don't take a minute for granted. I love you Paytyn Za'Miah Armstrong. 

Happy Mothers Day to ALL the mothers out there. May your day be filled with gratitude to the mothers in your life!

Caught on Video

PaPa & Paytyn trying to copy a video on You Tube...
I couldn't stop laughing...

Oh yes, she is an ATHLETE in the making!!

Our first fish on the line!

Doctors, fish & worms?

Fishing at Uncle Chris' pond

Dirty & tired, but my girl can still strike a pose!

We arrived here on Monday & have not slowed down since! We have made the rounds between seeing my OBGYN & getting adjustments from the best chiropractor Uncle Chris. We've also been to both sets of great grandparents. It is so nice to be able to see Paytyn get the opportunity to LOVE her great grandparents & we truly never take a second for granted. So many great memories are made just playing tea party, or baking cookies... :) 

We got to go fishing today at my Uncle Chris' pond. Paytyn had been fishing before, but was way too little to really "get it". However, today she went & LOVED it! She caught 9 fish in about 30 minutes & when she got tired she played with worms!  Can you believe MY CHILD likes to touch fish & worms?  Haha...I sat in a lawn chair & took pictures!  Lol...

We have about three days left here before we fly back to Phoenix on Monday. We miss daddy very much, but love coming back to visit & stay connected with my side of the family. Tomorrow we are hitting up some garage sales & then grilling steaks before we watch daddys game in San Jose on Nifty. 

What a fun trip filled with great memories! 

Baby Update May

We flew back to Oklahoma Monday for my monthly doctors appointment. I am 16 weeks along & this visit I got my blood work done & heard Baby A on the doppler...again. Frankly, I'm getting tired of just hearing my baby, but it is definitely making me more excited to see him/her next month. We find out (hopefully) if Baby A is a boy...or girl June 6th! I will be 21 weeks. It's difficult to make it back to Oklahoma every month, so we are having to wait a little longer than we want to find out what we are having. Baby A's heartbeat was 156 beats/minute & all seemed well. At first, I was so surprised about this baby that I hardly had time to ENJOY this experience again, but now, seeing how excited Paytyn is to be a big sister, Odie and I are thrilled & cannot wait! So, June 6th will not come quick enough for our family...