Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Just a little update...

I knew my posting was going to be horrible while we are here for the season...& I was completely right! :( So much has been going on with football & the kiddos...I'm swamped! Let's see...Odies team is 4-2 so far. It has taken awhile to "gel" but if last week was any indication of how the rest of the season is going to go we will be just fine :)Odie is doing fantastic, but most importantly he is healthy. He heads to Georgia this weekend, so the girls & I will be cheering him on from home. Payzlyn just turned 6 months old on the 17th. She is crawling & pulling up already! I was getting worried bc she wasn't really rolling over or "army" crawling, but at 5 1/2 months & all in one week she was crawling & pulling up! We were so excited!! Here's a little bit about our beautiful girl -She eats baby food twice a day & finishes every last drop :) -She's well over 20 pounds :) :) -She is a crawling machine -She pulls up on everything! Including couches, chairs & legs :) -She sees her daddy & says dadadadadadada until he pays attention to her. -She loves her sister -She cries when I leave the room :( -She loves being outside & going for walks I cannot believe how fast she's growing & she is such a blessing! Paytyn is still being the best big sister! She has been swimming up a storm & playing softball with her dad outside. She is sooooo athletic already & the football boys comment all the time about how shes gonna be one heck of an athlete! Makes daddy especially proud. :) She is so sassy, but is very well behaved & well mannered. She has the biggest heart & has such compassion for others. She is our pride & joy for sure! We are doing great. Feeling blessed & thankful!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Arizona Update

We are back & settled in Chandler, AZ! It is like we never left :) We have been here almost two weeks & the weather has fluctuated between 65-80! This is the best time of the year in Arizona because the summers are brutal! We are enjoying this weather now bc we know that pretty soon we will either be at the pool or indoors...
We have also been a house filled with sickness :( Im assuming it is all the beautiful trees, bushes, flowers that are making us crazy, but they are sure beautiful to look at. Poor Paytyn has had a deep cough, fever & stuffy nose for almost a week & now Miss Payzlyn is sneezing & coughing...I'm praying for a quick recovery & for two healthy babies :) This momma is exhausted!
On another note, Odie is almost done with training camp. It's officially over Friday, so it's going well. He had a scrimmage & I got to experience taking both girls by myself...let's just say game day is going to be an interesting & exhausting experience. It's great being back this way & we absolutely love the boys & their families! Last year, we had a "wives club" & only one other girl had a baby. This season every wife has a baby (or two) or preggo, so it's a total family atmosphere!! <3 it!
We miss our families, but are really having a great time & have even been to the pool a couple times.

Thursday, February 16, 2012


Tonight we are headed back to the great state of Arizona for another (our last?) season as Rattlers!  My husband and I had been debating (a lot) on what move would be best for our family and after much much much debate we decided to go one more year! I have to admit, it is so great and definitely makes me proud to watch my hubby play football. He's so talented and so humble and the pride on my Paytyns face when she sees daddy run out on that field is priceless.  We are packed and the Tahizzi is loaded and we are headed for a 18 hour drive...I know, I know...UGH! 

We will be there until August (hopefully after we win another ARENA BOWL)! 
I'm sure I will be a terrible blogger during those six months, but I'm determined to try!!  
God Bless!!

Valentine's Day 2012

I have been so busy being a mommy that my blogging has definitely taken a back seat. I've never been much of a Valentine's person, but this year I decided I wanted pictures of my babies together. For some reason VDay has become more about my girls then daddy (sorry babe:) Having children changes so much! 
Since we are heading to Arizona, we decided we weren't buying anything we had to pack up, so daddy bought Paytyn and I pedicures!  Our favorite thing to do together :)

My beautiful four year old and my darling 3 month old

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Miss Payzlyn 3 1/2 Months Old

Heres the latest on our Miss Payzlyn:

*She is weighing in at 17 pounds!

*Eats every hour/hour and a half (4-6ozs)

*Rolls from belly to back

*Reaches and grabs ahold of objects (immediately goes to mouth :)

*Wears 3-6 month clothes, but I say switching to 6-9 month by next week

*Monday Feb 6th she got her ears pierced

*Favorite toy is a book her Great Grandma Humble gave her!

*Recognizes her mommy, daddy and Sister and grets us with a huge dimpled grin!

*Laughs out loud (usually at her sister) and snorts!!

Payzlyn: What joy you bring to my life!! You are growing waaayyyyy too fast and I often find myself staring at you and your sister and wonder how I got so blessed! I never knew love until I had my girls. Daddy, mommy and Paytyn love love love you!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tis the Season...

Can't believe Christmas is right around the corner!
We have been busy wrapping presents, baking cookies & spending many nights cuddled up watching Christmas movies by the Christmas Tree.  This Christmas is going to be the best one yet b/c this year we have added Miss Payzlyn to the group!  Happy Holidays to you all!! May GOD continue to bless your life.

My Girls

Being a mommy is the best blessing in my life & one look from either one of them & I melt. 
Payzlyn & Paytyn:
I never thought I could love anyone like I love you Paytyn. You have had my heart since before I met you. I remember feeling you kicking my tummy & dreaming about the first time I would hold you. You have grown into a beautiful four-year old & are the best big sister I could ask for! Now, GOD has chosen me to be the mommy to two beautiful girls & I thank him everyday for blessing my life with you both. I look forward to watching you grow up & hope you have a "best friend" relationship. Daddy & I are so blessed to be your parents.