Thursday, January 27, 2011

A month and counting...

Less than a month & we will officially be Arizona residents...again! I have not even began to pack up our house. But, I'm a pretty excellent packer (since we move every 5  months or so) so I'm not too worried about it.  We absolutely LOVE our house we are in now, but duty calls!  We will be living in Chandler, AZ which is a suburb of Phoenix.  We've been there before and AZ is absolutely beautiful & Phoenix is breathtaking! So, we are starting to prepare Diva for the move...she's going to miss her GiGi & PaPa sooo much!

Our week has been filled with my having the flu & now daddy has strep throat.  YUCK!  Paytyn has the BEST immune system...she hardly ever gets sick.  Let's hope I didn't just jinx her!  :)

Saturday, I have my best friend from high school coming to see me!  Austin Hawkins and I have kept in touch all these years & I adore his wife, so I am so excited that they are coming to spend the evening with me & Odie.  Hopefully, I will have pictures up next week of our night out!

Paytyn is 3 going on 25!  She always pretends to be 18! We have been "playing school" & as a teacher, I can say she's way above most 3 year olds.  She can trace & identify all her letters, count to 30, write her name...the list goes on and on!  She is so sassy & wonderful! She loves to dance & sing.  She loves Katy Perry & can sing a lot of her songs! She continually melts my heart & her daddy & I love her more than words!  She's excited about daddys season coming up...she loves her some FOOTBALL!  But, how could you not with a daddy like she has!

Hope everyone out there is doing great!  Have a great rest of the week!

Friday, January 14, 2011

New Years Eve

Since Ms. Doris & Shia were in town for New Years, Odie & I decided to stay in for New Years this year!  It was sooo worth it!  We started the night off @ GiGi & PaPas, then, went back to our house, got in our pajamas, poured a little sparkling grape juice (girls thought it was wine) & spent the rest of the evening dancing & singing!  It was one of the best New Years EVER because we got to spend it with our girls all together as a family!  We all made it to midnight, but then, everyone fell asleep except Ms. Doris &, we popped in  a movie...what a fun night!  We hope everyones New Years was a blessed one!

 All of the Armstrongs


 Singing with a little dancing

 Our New Year hats

 Odie with his momma

 They loves singing!!

hitting her sister with a bottle...she did this for like 20 minutes! Hilarious!

Monday, January 3, 2011


It was the last day of the visit for Shia & Ms. Doris, so we decided to take the girls skating.  It was Paytyns first time & let me say she was SOOO much better than I expected.  It's funny because I went with her a few times & I wouldn't let go of her hand once.  Then, daddy went out there & let her go...who knew I was holding her back.  She went 3 times all by herself...who needs me?  Haha...We had so much fun!

 How do you work these things?

 Me with the girls in our OU shirts!  It was Fiesta Bowl Day!

 Daddy had to occupy himself!

 All by myself MOM

 not real ba bas...they sold them!

My loves!!

Christmas Festivities 2010

On the Thursday before Christmas, we always open presents at my mom & dads house.  We had a blast & this Christmas has been the best with Paytyn.  She "gets" it this year & was excited about EVERYTHING...

We always have the best Christmas' filled with lots of love & traditions!  Every year on Christmas Eve Day we always go to my Grandparents in Ponca! We have NEVER  missed it & with GODs blessings we won't anytime soon! This year was extra special b/c my grandma had a stroke in November & for awhile, we were questioning whether we would have Christmas @ their house!  But, God healed her well enough for our tradition to continue...GOD is good.  As always, the food was wonderful, but the company was even better!  What a great way to start the holidays!

On Christmas Morning SANTA came to GiGi & PaPas!

Christmas Day we ate lunch @ my other Grandma & Grandpas!  Then, spent the day with just our little family celebrating.  Our celebration:  Lot's of dancing, Christmas movies, & the WII &  RockBand! 

Then, Sunday we went to my Aunt & Uncles house in Tonkawa.  My cousin & her family came up from Chickasha, so it was nice to let our kids play.  The food was delicious & we had such a nice afternoon!

Overall, Christmas was better than ever!  With the added bonus of Shia & Ms. Doris being here!  We hope your holiday season was a blessed one!

Operation Santa 2010

The holiday season started off great!  My parents & I surprised Odie with a visit from his mom & oldest daughter Shia!  We had some difficulty getting her for the holidays (what a long story :), so with a little hard work, we pulled off Operation Santa!! :) I cannot tell you how HARD it was to hold in the secret all week! I worked so hard to keep him from not catching on!  But, it worked & the look on his face was all we needed for the holidays! 

On a side note: I know how hard it is for him to live so far away from family & his daughter.  Being a football player and speaking for myself from a wife perspective, is so tough! We both make a lot of sacrifices...


He was so happy he had tears in his eyes!  :)