Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Tuesday was my 39 week checkup to see if I was progressing and how Miss Payzlyn was doing. It started like any other appointment. Measure, check her heartbeat, etc. Well, he could not feel her head this week like he had been able to previously. He immediately sent me to the hospital for a ultrasound. Of course, I began to think "the worst" and just happened to have Paytyn with me. I tried to be calm and make her think we were having fun and getting to see a picture of "her baby" but I was frightened. Well, the ultrasound showed us a lot of unexpected things. First off, my gorgeous daughter was measuring almost 2 weeks ahead of schedule. Second, she's a whopping 9 pounds already! Thirdly and wonderfully, her spot on her left ventricle (EIF) had seemingly disappeared! :) lastly, she is now laying transverse which eliminates having her vaginally :( so, today my doctor called and said I need to have a c-section on Monday morning. So, these last two days have been filled with anxiety and excitement to get to finally see my baby girl. I am putting my faith in God and trusting in his plan for me and my baby. Going to pray like crazy and asking for your prayers this Monday.