Monday, September 19, 2011

Is it time yet?

It feels like I have been pregnant for 2 years! :) I am now 36 1/2 weeks along and cannot WAIT to meet Miss Payzlyn Danielle Armstrong in a few weeks! Paytyn has been so great with her new cousin Haydn, that I am more excited than ever to see her as a big sister. The amount of love and how gentle and caring she is with Haydn almost brings tears to my eyes. She loves with her entire heart and I hope she NEVER loses how strongly she loves.

As for me and how I'm holding, I am HUGE! By HUGE, I mean HHHUUUGGGEE!! When I was pregnant with Paytyn, I felt great all the way to the end, but with Miss Payzlyn, my back pain is out of this world. She dropped about two weeks ago and since then, I've had tons of painful pelvic pressure and am so swollen. The only reason I'm not a complete wreck is because it will be totally worth it when I get to hold my baby girl. We are all so excited to get to meet our little diva Armstrong in a few weeks.

I went to the doctor last week and was dialated to a _________________....are you ready?.......

I was totally bummed out, but like my grandma told me: "When the apples ripe it will fall from the tree!" Guess that's the advice I'm going to be living by the next few weeks!!!

I go to the doctor tomorrow, so hopefully I will hear I am dialated to at least a one...I will even take a HALF right now!

I'm an Aunt...again!

Congratulations to my brother & his wife, Nikki on the birth of their first child! Haydn Talia Sinor was born on September 12th & weighed in at 7 lbs. 11 oz. & was 20 3/4 inches long!  She definitely looks just like Nicole!!

Paytyn with her new baby cousin!! She's going to be the BEST big sister!