Monday, November 22, 2010

My Birthday @ Hard Rock

How blessed am I? I had an amazing 28th Bday with our great great friends!  Odie took me to Tulsa to the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino!  I enjoyed a day with my best friend Megan who took me to lunch & we got pedicures. Then, we met up with the men and met up with some of Odies former teammates & their wives.  We truly enjoyed each others company!  What a night to remember!

Megan & I

Me with Megan & Magen!

Odie with Jeff Hughley & Jamar Ransom
Played in Tulsa together now RIVALS! 
Odie signed with Arizona, Jeff=Jacksonville, Jamar=Tulsa

Me with my wonderful husband!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Fall Festival Fun

First, I want to say how blessed we all are to still have all four of our grandparents alive & healthy!  I've learned over the years to embrace every moment I can spend with them.  Paytyn is so blessed to be getting the opportunity to know & love them!  NOW, on that note, we went to my grandparents, Paytyns great grandparents' church for a festival!  What fun we had & it was so cute to see them show her off to everyone.  They were so proud & I just truly cherished every moment we had that day!  Paytyn got to do all kinds of fun stuff!  She picked out a pumpkin (it was something special for her and grandpa to do) and then jumped on the blow up toys and went to a petting zoo!  Such an amazing day!

Paytyn with two of her favorite people

Mommy with her sweet girl

She does love to pose

With the pumpkin only grandpa could pick with her!  What a special bond they have!


with THE BEST grandparents & great grandparents anyone could hope for...

Overall, it was another great memory with two of the most important people in Paytyn & Is lives!  We love you both more than words can express!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween 2010

Halloween was so fun this year!  Paytyn got SO excited!  She won best overall costume in the Tonkawa costume contest.  There were so many cute kids, but everytime Diva P walked by the judges she blew kisses and posed!  It was hysterical & adorable!  Her favorite movie is Wizard Of Oz, so Dorothy was a no-brainer for us!  Well, that's not entirely the truth, Michael Jackson was a close runner up.  Spending Halloween with GiGi & PaPa and being close to Aunts/Uncles, Great Grandparents was a true blessing and we cherish every moment we have with all of them!  

Best Costume!!  With the Runner-ups...all so cute though!

Dorothys ruby red slippers

During the contest...

She's ready, but where's ToTo?

It's Official-Officer Sinor

My brother graduated from CLEET and is officially a Ponca City Police Officer!  We are SO proud of him!  We got to go to Dereks graduation in Ada.  

Nikki & I with his certification...I'm excited!

Diva P sweet

The girls with Uncle Derek

Isn't she beautiful?

Paytyn with Derek

Derek with mom & dad