Wednesday, April 6, 2011

OKLAHOMA here we come!

I had my second visit to the doctor yesterday afternoon to see how baby A was doing.  Odie got to come home with us this time because this week is his off week from football! After about 10 minutes of searching...and searching...and searching we finally found a heartbeat! 150 beats/minute & the doctor said I am 12 weeks along! I am showing so much more than I was at this time with Paytyn, but the doctor said that was completely normal...whew! Odies mother said I'm having twins...I would freak out!  But, healthy is what my goal is, so if it's twins God wants to bless me with then, bring em on! Haha...
Paytyn is so excited to be a big sister! The baby will not be here until she turns four, so everyday she asks me if today is her birthday so the baby will get here! :) She's a princess!
We came home so that I could go to the doctor, so we are back in Oklahoma for three days! We fly out Friday morning, so this will be a very short visit. I don't know who has had more fun: Paytyn or Odie! Odie has spent everyday fishing & golfing (yes, both in one day) and Paytyn has spent every second busy as a bee with GiGi! Tonight we are going for her favorite "chicken & dippy" which is what she calls chicken fajita nachos! 
What a great week this has been, although it has been wayyyy to short. Paytyn & I will be back in May for my next appointment! 
We are so blessed to have the best family!! We miss them everyday we are gone & count the days until we see them again!!!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

I have been so horrible at posting pictures lately, some are! Of course for our family, right now it is football season. Our lives consist of either going to daddys games or watching daddy on t.v.! His team is 4-0 & he is doing great (as usual)! 

All three of us after daddys team WON...again!

Me & Diva before heading out to the game!

Good game daddy!

Our little princess!