Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Arizona Update

We are back & settled in Chandler, AZ! It is like we never left :) We have been here almost two weeks & the weather has fluctuated between 65-80! This is the best time of the year in Arizona because the summers are brutal! We are enjoying this weather now bc we know that pretty soon we will either be at the pool or indoors...
We have also been a house filled with sickness :( Im assuming it is all the beautiful trees, bushes, flowers that are making us crazy, but they are sure beautiful to look at. Poor Paytyn has had a deep cough, fever & stuffy nose for almost a week & now Miss Payzlyn is sneezing & coughing...I'm praying for a quick recovery & for two healthy babies :) This momma is exhausted!
On another note, Odie is almost done with training camp. It's officially over Friday, so it's going well. He had a scrimmage & I got to experience taking both girls by myself...let's just say game day is going to be an interesting & exhausting experience. It's great being back this way & we absolutely love the boys & their families! Last year, we had a "wives club" & only one other girl had a baby. This season every wife has a baby (or two) or preggo, so it's a total family atmosphere!! <3 it!
We miss our families, but are really having a great time & have even been to the pool a couple times.

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