Thursday, February 16, 2012


Tonight we are headed back to the great state of Arizona for another (our last?) season as Rattlers!  My husband and I had been debating (a lot) on what move would be best for our family and after much much much debate we decided to go one more year! I have to admit, it is so great and definitely makes me proud to watch my hubby play football. He's so talented and so humble and the pride on my Paytyns face when she sees daddy run out on that field is priceless.  We are packed and the Tahizzi is loaded and we are headed for a 18 hour drive...I know, I know...UGH! 

We will be there until August (hopefully after we win another ARENA BOWL)! 
I'm sure I will be a terrible blogger during those six months, but I'm determined to try!!  
God Bless!!

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